Mírame Cuando Te Hablo

“Look at me when I speak to you”— quite the fiery statement. Made from pago Mina fino, its natural sweetness comes from a Moscatel coupage from the Jerez area. Straw colour, sharp on the nose with certain aromatic touches, on the palate it is sweet and salty at the same time, with a very pleasant finish. Pairs with pâtés, foie gras, smoked foods and fruit salad. Taken very cold in a white wine glass or on the rocks, with a touch of sparkling water if desired, and an orange slice.
Bright pale golden colour, transparent and clean. Delicate and sharp aroma, with notes of yeast and fresh bread dough, hints of almond and hazelnut from the ageing process of the palomino grape that combine perfectly with the floral notes of the Moscatel. Delicate sweet flavour on the palate that lessens the bitter aftertaste that comes from biological ageing.
Pates, foies, smoked and fruit salads. Chill in the freezer and serve between 7 & 9º C. In a white wine glass or a wide rimmed glass with ice.